Organ Transplantation: Ethical, Legal and Psychosocial Aspects. Towards a Common European Policy
Weimar, W.; Bos, M.A.; Busschbach, J.J. (Eds.)
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2008, 584 pages, ISBN 978-3-89967-415-6
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This book is based on the International Congress "Organ Transplantation:
Ethical, Legal and Psychosocial Aspects. Towards a common European policy" (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, April 2007). The contributions deliver an overview of current worldwide achievements, analyses, controversies, and dilemmas. The topics:

  • Commercialization and trafficking;
  • Legal systems for organ donation and allocation;
  • Altruism, counseling and psychological aspects of living donation;
  • Minorities, religions, gender aspects;
  • Expanded post mortem donor criteria, including Non Heart Beating donation;
  • Role of patients, media and pharmaceutical industry;

are intensely discussed among ethicists, clinicians, psychologists, lawyers and policy makers in the field of organ transplantation.
The ELPAT platform is initiated with the aim to establish continuity in European communication on 'Ethical, Legal and Psychosocial Aspects of Organ Transplantation (ELPAT)', after several ad hoc conferences had been organised in the last two decades. ELPAT is thus an attempt to facilitate and structure the European research area in this field of science. It is now an official body within the European Society for Organ Transplantation.


1. Introduction

W. Weimar, M. A. Bos, J. J. Busschbach: ELPAT, the European Platform on Ethical, Legal and Psychosocial Aspects on Organ Transplantation

M. A. Bos: Organ Transplantation – The European Perspective

F. L. Delmonico: Transplant Tourism and Organ Trafficking, an American Perspective

L. D. de Castro: Organ Transplantation: A Developing Country Perspective

2. Commercialization and Trafficking
Workshop I „Commercialization and Trafficking“: Recommendations

F. de Charro, M. Oppe, M. Bos, J. Busschbach, W. Weimar: A Regulated Organ Market?

G. M. Danovitch: Who Cares? Impact of Commercialized Kidney Transplantation on the Doctor-Patient Realtionship

A. J. Matas: In Defense of a Regulated System of Compensation for Kidney Donation

S. Olsena: A Latvian Case: The Removal of Tissue from 400 Deceased Persons

J. Zargooshi: Commercial Renal Transplantation in Iran: The Recipients’ Perspective

J. Zargooshi: Iran’s Commercial Renal Transplantation Program: Results and Complications

3. Legal Systems for Organ Donation and Allocation
Workshop 2 „Legal Systems for ORgan Donation and Allocation“: Recommendations

A. J. Cronin: Equitable Access to Organs

W. Dondorp: Does Justice Allow Living Donor List Exchange? A Recent Report from the Health Council of the Netherlands

G. C. Oniscu, J. L. R. Forsythe: Allocation of Kidneys for Transplantation: Practical Aspects and Ethical Dilemmas

M. T. Hilhorst: „Living Apart Together“
Do the Two Co-existing Systems – Cadaveric and Living Donation – Live in Harmony?

H. Kreis: Whose Organs are they, Anyway?

H. A. van Leiden, N. E. Jansen, B. J. J. M. Haase-Kromwijk, M. B. A. Heemskerk, C. R. Smand, E. de Buijzer, A. J. Hoitsma: Consent for Donation in The Netherlands: Relation between Registration and Relatives’ Consent

B. L. Neades: Healthcare Professionals’ Experiences in Applying Presumed Consent Legislation in Organ Donation in Three European Countries: A Phenomenological Study

G. Nowenstein: Is Presumed Consent Legislation just Black Letter Law? Methodological and Theoretical Lessons from the French Case

D. P. T. Price: Legal Systems for Organ Distribution in Europe: Justice in Allocation

A. Ravelingien: Will Xenotransplantation Enhance Equity? Some Points to Consider Regarding Health Care Costs

L. F. Ross: The Ethics of Kidney Paired Exchanges and Thematic Variations

4. Altruism, Counselling and Psychological Aspects of Living Donation
Workshop 3 „Altruism, Counselling and Psychological Aspects of Living Donation“: Recommendations

T. Brkljacic, L. Kaliterna-Lipovcan, R. Franc: Blood and Bone Marrow Donation: Similarities and Differences in a Psychological Context

M. A. Dew, C. L. Jacobs, S. G. Jowsey, R. Hanto, C. Miller, F. L. Delmonico: Psychosocial Evaluation of Living Unrelated Kidney Donors in the United States: Summary of Guidelines from a Consensus Conference

A. DiMartini, K. Porterfield, M. G. Fitzgerald, M. A. Dew, G. E. Switzer, A. Marcos, K. Tom: Psychological Profile of Living Liver Donors and Post-Donation Outcomes

G. den Hartogh: When are Living Donations Voluntary enough?

J. Hoyer: Is the Non-directed Donation the Ideal Living Organ Donation?

M. de Klerk, W. C. Zuidema, L. W. Kranenburg, J. N. M. IJzermans, W. Weimar: Justification for Anonymity in a Kidney Exchange Program

L. Kranenburg, W. Zuidema, W. Weimar, M. Hilhorst, J. IJzermans, J. Passchier, J. Busschbach: How to Inform Potential Donors about Living Kidney Donation?

M. E. Olbrisch, S. M. Rausch, J. L. Levenson: Psychosocial Assessment of Candidates for Transplantation Ratings in 1500 Adult Liver Transplant Candidates

M. E. Olbrisch, S. M. Benedict, K. L. Cropsey, A. Ashworth, R. A. Fisher: Characteristics of Persons Seeking to Become Adult-to-Adult Living Liver Donors: A Single U.S. Center Experience with 150 Donor Candidates

M. Omnell Persson, L. Broström, N. H. Persson, G. Hermerén: Living Donors – How Far can we Proceed? A Brief Report on a Swedish Interview Study

J. W. Saloma: My Mommy’s Kidneys are Sick and She is Dying! Why Internet Solicitation for Transplantation is Unethical

M. A. Sanner: Recruiting a Living Kidney donor: Experiences of Living Donors and Recipients of Living and Necro Kidneys

D. S. Silva, L. Wright: Of Altruists and Egoists: Living Anonymous Donors

G. E. Switzer, M. A. Dew, L. Myaskovsky, M. Crowley-Matoka, D. J. Harrington, A. F. DiMartini: Mothers’ Experiences of Umbilical Cord Blood Donation

W. Zuidema, L. W. Kranenburg, R. A. M. Erdman, M. de Klerk, M. T. Hilhorst, J. N. M. IJzermans, W. Weimar: Living Kidney Donation by Goods Samaritans

5. Minorities, Religion and Gender Aspects
Workshop 4 „Minorities, Religion and Gender Aspects“: Recommendations

G. M. Abouna: Islamic Views and Perspectives on Organ Donation and Transplantation

M. Achille, I. Vaillancourt, G. Beaulieu-Pelletier: Living Kidney Donors: Are Women Motivated by Love and Men by Logic?

P. Bruzzone: Religious Aspects of Organ Transplantation

C. Cantrelle, E. Luciolli, B. Loty, P. Tuppin: Comparison of Access to Kidney Transplantation in France and Graft Survival between Non-French Patients and French Patients Living in Overseas Territories or on the Mainland

S. van Embden, M. A. G. Sprangers, H. C. J. M. de Haes: Factors Affecting Willingness to Donate and Donor Registration: An Intercultural Comparison

M.-C. Fortin, M. Dion-Labrie, H. Doucet: Cross-Cultural Study of Transplant Physicians’ Views on Living Altruistic Donation

E. Maeckelberghe, M. Verkerk: Religious Convictions and Consequences for Transplantation Waiting Lists

L. Myaskovsky, G. E. Switzer, M. K. Mor, M. Ramkumar, R. Shapiro, M. A. Dew: Cultural Factors Related to Race Differences in Preference for Living Donor Kidney Transplantation

M. Potts, D. W. Evans: Is Solid Organ Donation by Living Donors Ethical? The Case of Kidney Donation

J. Radcliffe Richards: Transplants and the Problems of Justice to Groups

G. Randhawa: Organ Donation and Transplantation – The Realities for Minority Ethnic Groups in the UK

S. Sevimli: Transplantation and Medicine Ethics in Turkey

K. Ross, D. Pape, L. Wright: A Review of Ethical Issues in the Transplantation of HIV-infected Patients

6. Post-Mortem Donation
Workshop 5 „Post-Mortem Donor“: Recommendations

M.-J. Clermont: The Ghost between us. Maintaining the Secret about Donor Identity; Moral Obligations entwined in this Rule

A. J. Hoitsma: NHB Donation: How bad is it really?

T. Pont, N. Masnou, R. M. Gràcia, M. Barreto, E. Duque, J. Portillo, N. Vila, P. Salamero, R. Deulofeu: Health Care Professionals – What do they know about Organ Donation?

M. Siebelink, H. B. M. Van de Wiel, P. F. Roodbol, M. J. I. J. Albers: Research into the Donation Willingness in Pediatrics in The Netherlands – A Desirable Question or a Questionable Desire?

M. H. Sieber-Rasch, J. A. M. Hagenaars, W. K. Redekop, H. A. van Leiden, B. J. J. M. Haase, J. N. M. IJzermans: Family Refusal Causes Discrepancy between Potential and Utilized Donors: A Prospective Study in 6 Hospitals in the Region of Rotterdam

D. Sperling: Me or Mine? On Property from Personhood, Symbolic Existence and Motivation to Donate Organs

M. Sque, T. Long, S. Payne: Why Bereaved Relatives Decline Organ and Tissue Donation

7. Role of Patients, Media and the Pharmaceutical Industry
Workshop 6 „Role of Patients, Media and Pharmaceutical Industry“: Recommendations

F. Fonjallaz, F. Fasseur, N. Ruffiner-Boner, T. Cuttelod, J. Szymanski, M. Santiago, N. Pilon, J.-P. Venetz, M. Pascual, C. Piot-Ziegler: Spontaneous Discourse on Employment Status and Professional Identity of Patients Waiting for Solid Organ Transplantation

L. Gangeri, C. Brunelli, M. Bosisio, M. Tamburini, S. Ermenenco, V. Mazzaferro: Liver Transplant Experience: Development of a Health Related Quality of Life Specific Module (FACT-LT)

V. A. Torres-Collazo, M. S. Guchereau: Improving Quality of Life by Treating Corticosteroid-Induced Psychological Disturbances in Transplant Recipients

M. Knibbe, E. Maeckelberghe, M. Verkerk: The Family as Patient and Caregiver: Adjustment of the Ethical Agenda about Parental Organ-Donation

W. G. Land, T. Gutmann, A. S. Daar: Emerging Science, Emerging Ethical Issues: Who should Fund Innate Alloimmunity-Suppressing Drugs?

N. Masnou, T. Pont, P. Salamero, E. Duque, M. Barreto, X. Millan, J. Portillo, J. Sendra, N. Vilà: Teens and Transplants – Teaching Project about Donation in Barcelona

J. Partridge: Initiating a European Platform on Organ Transplantation Face Transplantation: Hearing the Patients’ Voice

J. L. Szymanski, L. Pralong, N. Ruffiner-Boner, F. Fasseur, J. Maillefer, M. Santiago, C. Piot-Ziegler: Spontaneous Discourse on Live and Deceased Organ Donation in Renal Patients after Registration on Deceased Donation Waiting List

C. Piot-Ziegler, N. Ruffiner-Boner, F. Fasseur: The „Psycho-Nomad“: Translator, Mediator and a Lead for Patients Awaiting Transplantation

D. Terán-Escandón, L. Á. Terán-Ortíz, R. Valdés-González-Salas, M. Gutiérrez-Cadena: Ethical and Regulatory Aspects of Xenotransplantation in Mexico

M. Tielen, S. Jedeloo, A. L. van Staa, W. Weimar: Immunosuppressive Drugs and Young Adults: A Difficult Combination

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