Terror and Medicine – Medical Aspects of Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Terrorism

Shemer, Joshua; Shoenfeld, Yehuda (Eds.)
2003, 500 pages
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How can we help? Why do we need a book like this?
9/11/01 brought to the consciousness of the world that terror has no limits, no borders and no humanity.

This book provides pragmatic knowledge, useful guidance and practical experience not to be found in any textbook. It brings the subject of preparedness for non-conventional and conventional terror to a focused practical dimension.

Israeli experts in all fields of medicine dealing with the preparations for and treatment of the victims of unscrupulous terror attacks have cooperated in an endeavor to share their experience with you and inform, guide and help others who may face this abomination.

Science attempts to overcome the inhumanity of hostility unleashed indiscriminately on young and old, anywhere and everywhere. This new reality must be handled by all members of the world community. Every nation in the world must be prepared for terror by establishing an infrastructure of the medical community to face non-conventional and conventional terror attacks. This is the ethical and moral obligation of the medical community. Medical expertise must be prepared for the unthinkable, drilled for the unexpected, and continually learn from prior experience.

Israeli experts from the numerous disciplines in medicine – epidemiology, chemical, biological and radiologic research, veterinary science, medical training and management, public health, radiology, trauma, surgery, psychology and psychiatry, rehabilitation, pathology, and ethics – approach this multifaceted dilemma.

We fervently hope that this knowledge will never have to be implemented and will remain in the academic arsenal in an era of peace.

Prof. Joshua 
Chair of the Assuta Medical Center network in Israel
Founder of the Israeli Center for technology assessment in Health Care at the Gertner Institute for Epidemiology and Health Policy Research at Tel HaShomer
Dr. Yehuda 
Physician and autoimmunity reseacher at Sheba Medical Center in Tel HaShomer and the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel-Aviv University
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