New Approaches in User Experience – Abstracts of the UXcamp Europe 2016
Beyer, Luzi; Grote, Henning; Gatzke, Ludwig; Küber, Thomas; Freimark, Stefan; Lavery, Clive K.; Allison, Tom; Combes, Marie; Blume, Debbie (Eds.)
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2017, 30 pages, ISBN 978-3-95853-320-2
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The UXCamp Europe is one of the largest events for User Experience professionals. Once a year in Berlin, more than 500 participants from such diverse disciplines as Information Architecture, (Web-)Development, Interaction & Interface Design, Service Design, Content Strategy, Psychology and Usability meet to discuss the latest developments and current challenges of their shared field of work.
The abstracts collected in this journal present the wide range of topics covered at the 2016 edition of UXCamp Europe. It delivers a valuable overview on the discussions within the international User Experience Community.

New Approaches in User Experience
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