Call for Papers

Cognitive Processing

International Quarterly of Cognitive Science



Marta Olivetti Belardinelli, Universitą di Roma "La Sapienza"

Scientific Board:

S. Albeverio (Advisory; Bonn); I. Aleksander (Advisory; London); Peter G.  Anderson (New York); E. Andrč (Saarbruecken); T. Arecchi (Advisory; Firenze); C. Balkenius (Lund); N. Birbaumer (Tuebingen); N. Block (New York); B. Boguraev (New York); R. Brambilla (Milano); D. Brown (Cambridge);  H. Bunt (Tilburg); V. Cimagalli (Roma); H.B. Eichenbaum (Advisory; Boston); J. Feng (Cambridge); A.M. Gadomski (Roma); R. Gerlai (San Francisco); R. Gregson (Canberra); S. Grossberg (Advisory; Boston); U. Hahn (Freiburg); H. Haken (Stuttgart); A. Koriat (Haifa); A. N. Lebedev (Moscow); G. Leng (Edimburg); F. Macar (Marseille); J.L. McGaugh (Irvine); H. Nwana (Ipswich); A. Oliverio (Roma); M.T. Pazienza (Roma); E. Pessa (Roma); W. Pedryzcz (Alberta); M. Posner (Advisory; New York); A. Postma (Utrecht); T.W Robbins (Cambridge); C. Rossi-Arnaud (Roma); G. Sabah (Advisory; Paris); R. Scozzafava (Roma); M.V. Shcherbina (Kharkov); A. Silva (Los Angeles); J.F. Sowa (Westchester); H. Spada (Freiburg); K. E. Stecke (Ann Arbor); B. Tirozzi (Roma); B. Tversky (Stanford).

Cognitive Processing - (CP) is a new, peer reviewed scientific journal merged with the well established Psychologische Beiträge. It publishes innovative contributions to the multidisciplinary field of the cognitive science. The first aim is to present the newest results reached in the manifold disciplines concerned with the different aspects of cognitive processing in natural and artificial systems: Artificial intelligence, Computer science and Knowledge engineering, Linguistics, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Philosophy and Cognitive anthropology, Psychology, Robotics. The main purpose is communication with different specialists on topics of common interest. The journal will promote an interdisciplinary understanding of diverse topics in contemporary cognitive science.

CP considers whatever subject matter concerning cognitive processing, accepting whatever approach to investigation: theoretical, experimental, methodological, computational and modeling, applicative. A tentative list of topic: Action, Attention, Cognitive change and optimization, Computing in Cognitive science, Connectionist approaches, Expertise, Knowledge acquisition, Knowledge representation, Language (Grammar and Semantics, Discourse analysis, Development, Disturbances), Mental architectures and models, Memory, Mind design, Multimedia data-bases, Perception and pattern recognition.
Each issue will contain: 2 invited papers widely discussing the same problem from the point of view of neuro- and computer sciences; original research reports; brief research notes; information and book reviews.
CP will be indexed from the first issue in PsychLit.
Manuscripts should be submitted to the CP Editor at the following address:

Marta Olivetti Belardinelli - ECONA, via dei Marsi 78, I-00185 ROMA

Each submission should include one original and two copies of:

a) the full manuscript;
b) a separate title page containing the title, authors' names and affiliations and authors' address, fax and Email;
c) another separate sheet with the abstracts, approximately 200 words, and again the indication of the title.

Authors should prepare manuscripts according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (4th ed.).
Tables and Figures must be supplied in professional-quality finished form, ready for reproduction. Illustrations in color can be accepted only if the authors defray the cost.
Upon full acceptance of the article for publication the final revised version must be supplied both on paper and on computer disk in Rich Text Format.
Accepted manuscripts will be published immediately in Internet before the Journal appears.

Topics for the invited papers of the first issues will be:

  • Connection between modeling and experimental neuroscience: problems and solutions

  • Hippocampus and memory: research and modeling

  • Brain theory of language

  • Cognitive architectures in natural and artificial systems

  • Timing

  • Memory systems; declarative memories

  • A unified theory of cognition and action

  • Binding problem

  • Scientific studies of consciousness

  • Neuroimaging and memory process

Next deadlines for submissions:

  • February 10, 2000

  • April 30, 2000

  • July 20, 2000

  • October 30, 2000

  • January 30, 2001

  • April 30, 2001

Lengerich, Berlin, Riga, Rom, Wien, Zagreb